We have a few plots that we wish to sell. There are some plots in my father's name, some on multiple people's names and none on my brother's name. But when we are trying to sell my elder brother, who is a lawyer, is threatening the buyers. What do we do about this?


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Answered on November 08, 2017
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  • If your father is alive and the plots are brought by him from his self earned income, your brother cannot stall the sale. Similarly, if the other plots standing in multiple names are also brought by those parties from their self earned income, then too, your brother cannot stall the sale. However, if the plots are ancestral property or brought from the funds of the Joint family property, then your brother would have a share in it, even though his name is not reflected in the deeds of the plot. However, in such case your brother would have to apporach the civil court to prove his share in the properties and cannot threaten the buyers.
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