Raj and his father bought a land in 2008 (money was equally given by them). The construction on land completed in 2009, and Raj gave the entire amount of the construction. Raj has also taken a loan for the house. Whole land is registered in the name of Raj's father. Therefore, do Raj's brother have legal right over the land/house? Note: All the money for the construction of the land has come from Raj's account.


Answered on November 08, 2017
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  • As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act the right in property would be dependent on who actually has made payment for the same. In this case, since the payment has been made by Raj, however, the Agreeement stands in the name of Raj's father unless Raj files a suit for ownership of the property in his exclusive name or gets the property transferred in his exclusive name, Raj's brother can demand share in the property after the death of their father and subject to their father dying intestate. However, as mentioned above Raj would be entitled to take the defence that the entire amount for the purchase of the property has been paid by him.

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