I want search for online documents like Property card or 7x12. Is there a web portal to search for documents of properties in Mumbai?


Answered on November 14, 2017
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  • Property Card can be obtained here - http://prcmumbai.nic.in/jsp/propertyNew.jsp

    The 7/12 extract can also be accessed from the Maharashtra Government’s website but it can be used only for informational purpose and not for any legal purpose. To view the 7/12 extract:

    Go to the website of the Maharashtra Government by using the following URL: www.mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in
    (a) A district map will be displayed. Click Konkan to view the 7/12 extract of a property in Mumbai.
    (b) Select the Taluk and Village names from the corresponding lists.
    (c) Select any of the following options and enter the required details to search the 7/12 extracts.


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